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Originally Posted by thwaitm View Post
I haven't given up. I know the solution to my problem and you're missing my point which is that it's not the ESC that won't arm but my FC, which comes before the ESC and directly after the RX. It won't arm because I haven't calibrated my FC for that specific TX, which is calibrated differently from the Devo 8 which works just fine.

You are welcome to believe me that I actually know what I'm on about or continue to enjoy your own delusion that you know, from I guess, a few thousand km, my problem better than me. Ping me when you're next in Tokyo and I'll show you the whole deal - I'll even let you play at trying to get it to work if you like.

On a side note, I wonder if we can rename this thread the PHMX vs thwaitm thread... no one else seems bothered any more!
Lol, nah, we are really not that important and you'd be surprised to find out where I live for sure.

But you'll have to understand that many issues are only really problems because people fail to see the solution or act accordingly, not because it's impossible to solve.

Somehow I find it strange that you claim to basically know the solution, yet haven't solved the problem.

I'll trust you will acknowledge my comments as being drenched in stubborness, but with the utmost respect. We're both in this for the fun of RC, there's no reason to fight.
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