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Originally Posted by BrianL View Post
What's gase?

How about a 4th choice:
Yes, but only half.
And a 5th:
No, but my LHS should give me 10% off the next purchase.
LOL! gas. of course. I tried going back to edit it 30 secs after posting and couldn't change it. so that's that.

anyways, I didn't consider that because I really wanted to compare apples to apples. So hence gas = shipping cost.

I know there's the argument of it's the LHS so I can test, touch, see the product, but I'm talking about things that you can't test and can't know right away.

let's take take home, solder it fly it and it puffs....
or ESC's that DOA (obviously you can't test ESC's at your LHS or it would be difficult to do so)

For those instances, if the majority don't feel their LHS should pay for their gas, then I'm curious why those same people would then turn around and expect online vendors to pay for shipping. And then the argument about online vendors that are worlds away and shipping cost is high, or sometimes more than the item that I say, sure, that's not any different than if you went to a LHS that was really far away...either because that LHS had what you wanted or it's cheaper than your backyard LHS.
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