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Just learned about this FPV,Tell me what the best way to get started?

I seen vids,but mostly of just on board video recording and during my youtube searching I seen this guy fly this plane like 5miles away,It was awesome,I could not stop smiling! And when I get that way I know it's only a matter of time before I have to try it.
I watched a few vids on youtube and all the IBcrazy how to vids and see there is a good bit you need to know when doing this. I was wondering if there is a middle ground,like I don't think im ready to take a plane miles away just yet,but more like just want to get the FPV feel while in my normal flying field and can still see the plane if I take off the goggles?
I seen the goggle from the hobbyking and also these all in one from the sponsors above,is this what you would use for just flying local and not going more then a mile radius?
I was thinking about maybe trying this over the lake while im in my boat as there would be less object to hit,Does the water interfere with any of these frequencies?
Like I said im just learning about this today and im sure there are many more products from many more people then what I just have found,so let me know if there is like a good package deal to just get into this or where to get what I need to get some good quality stuff cheap. Thanks!
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