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Well, first I'd said "Philosan, you took the words right outta my scoops". Then something to the effect I'd meant to post these back when it was topical but didn't get to take the pix I wanted, & the thread was moving pretty quickly and it slipped my mind. And, so, now's as good an opportunity as any to show them off, along with a li'l side-benefit only realized after installation; in that they also provided clearance which prevents the prop blade from snagging on the canopy bottom edge.

I never actually encountered the problem myself (point of reference - when the issue had been brought up in here some time back) but I had checked it back then & found only the smooth transition one would expect. I suggested for those with the issue, a possible cure: Heat the canopy mildly with a heat gun or possibly a few hours in the sun then quickly wrap it with rubber banding or somesuch so's to increase its inward curvature....[edit: let cool, remove banding & see if it held the added curvature] and if there was still any protrusion to perhaps take the X-Acto or Dremel to it.

Then, that 'Anyway, here's some pix of mine which show the low frontal area presented by my intake scoops, as well as the prop/canopy clearance they provide as a side-benefit. And as well, the venting exhaust holes I'd added to the canopy (without exhaust, it isn't really 'venting'), and noted that they practically had to be placed at this point to take advantage of the Venturi effect from the canopy's airfoil shape, and any farther rearward & they'd be blocked by the fuse top section forward of the wing mount. And finally, that I'd drilled those with a 1/4" drill angled rearward from the inside, & smoothed with an X-Acto.

There's a couple other small detals I can't recall but that was pretty much it. Hope it's beneficial for some of you and, here's the photos:
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