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I fly both of my WKM and one of the Naza in ATTI 100% of the time. I do tune the gains to get the level of performance I want flying that way, typically lowering the ATTI gains substantially so I'm not fighting it all the time. I've been flying Mk for a couple years now and while it is possible to turn autolevel off on an MK, it's not something you would typically do since it has to be done via MKtool and can't be done via TX switch as WKM and Naza can, so I just got used to flying that way and it doesn't really bother me. I seldom fly in GPS mode except for those intances where I want to just park it for a minute for whatever reason or I'm doing a vertical climb while recording video.

The Naza on my FPV quad I use both modes but probably fly in ATTI more than manual, when I really feel the need for a full manual flight I break out one of the KK based quads.
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