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Originally Posted by Techpriest09 View Post
Well, I finally popped my cherry on crashing. Was practicing some hard banking turns and saw the prop glint in the sun as it came off and floated down gently. The rest of the quad wasn't so lucky and came in at around 25-30mph. Oh well, figured this was a good enough excuse to rip apart the quad and figure out how everything works.

The frame is amazing. One arm in particular took the brunt of the damage, as it was the first thing to touch the ground during impact. There are three, maybe four cracks in the whole arm, and the entire arm is slanted a bit. Other than that, I'm out a prop, two motors, and the velcro battery strap. The battery connector also broke free from the zip-tie and the hot glue mounting. Which saved me the hassle of having to disconnect the battery. I will also be replacing the slightly damaged arm, just as a precaution.

From looking around, I assume these are the same motors that witespy supplies with the 450 quad?

Also going to take this opportunity to upgrade the bottom plate to the tabbed version, and will be adding light strips, just for the heck of it.

While a crappy experience, it definitely was a good thing to rip the quad apart and learn how everything is wired and such. And I will be looking into prop savers and taking a harder look at my pre-flight check list.
You sure do have a great attitude. I crashed my WiteSpy quad from real high onto the paved road in front of my house....I was sure it was a total loss but I only had a bent motor, broken arm and scuffed up dome. That WiteSpy Quad is tuff!!!
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