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Originally Posted by ec12nz View Post
They may of come of 2 seperate hulls from the past with supposed same parentage - this is classic example of what has happened years ago with flop after flop after flop being made of 1 hull and things moving ever so slightly each time a nother mold was flopped.
The move to the new mold and control of manufacture alleviates these problems so in 10 years time a rudder that fits todays new boat will still fit a new hull.
Looks like your best bet is to use the blue rudder and extend it down to meet the bottom of the hull of go back to scratch and build a new one yourself that fits the shape of what you have in the hull.This shape (barndoor) does work better given larger surface area.
Most certaiy.
This boat is a work in progress, so I'll keep searching. I have another I actively sail, so it's my workbench boat. If I ever find the what proper rudder for it is, and source one, that's just plug & play.
If not I'll build one from scratch in the future.

The new mould is really the way to go in the class without a doubt... especially in a one-design class. The only reason I'm fooling around with this boat is that I hope to get a boat that's competitive only at club-level for short change.

Anyone who wants to compete at the higher levels of this class obviously is going go forgo what I'm doing and spend the money for a brand-new boat that fits the 95 Standard.
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