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Originally Posted by FullmoonCat View Post
Personally, I love the new firmware, although I find a few of the features are not quite production-ready (like head free mode). The improvement in autolevel and baro modes alone are vast, and I use autolevel mode almost always.

Head free mode is very cool when it works, but it just doesn't seem to work very often. I'm not sure if it's just my board or what, but then I've never had much luck with the magnetometer at all, so maybe it is my board.
I have the two older boards right now.
I am sure I am on a short list somewhere for a newer board soon.
I have a 1E board i am borrowing and testing now.

There is better control of the mag with the newer firmware. The older boards seem to need a little bit more tweaking, but they all fly the same. With he new firmware. Well the 5611 mag is a better chip so the performance level is higher.
I don't fly on autolevel. I hover on auto level

I personally think that the EZ-connect is a great idea on the RX side, no need to buy any male to male wires.
But the side to the motors is a bit much fro me. I will be putting pins on a rev 1E board.
The extra wires kind of gets in the way of a clean install.
Other than that, I think this is truly one of the best boards and most supported FC.

As for the headfree, it works when I turn it on.
But, because i fly by the nose it is to hard for me to just let it go.

Anyway awesome, bro.
Keep them props spinning.
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