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Originally Posted by ChuckTseeker View Post
+1 never had any servo problems with my micros i have seen the little plastic horn twist from landing in the grass, or even catching them when taking the plane out of the box, i just straighten them out, problem solved.
Originally Posted by NitroCharged View Post
Sheesh Chuck - if they can't withstand being removed from the box what hope is there for them in flight doing heavy 3D??..... kind of a silly comment really...
Nitro: You have not flown many ultra-micro airplane with LINEAR servos I guess!!! Linear servos have worm screws. As such, you cannot move them like normal servos, i.e., if you try to move the control surfaces like other airplanes, the servo won't move or give.... So, it's really common, when you hit the control surfaces, for the horns to give. Not sure if HH designed them like that or if they simply got lucky, but sure enough, it's now a "safety feature". Control surface get hit, servo cannot move, so something has to give. It's easy to move/hit a control surface when you pull an airplane out of the box. In normal flight, those horns do their job perfectly. And if you crash? Well, again, quite often, the "safety feature" kick in, since, again, the servo cannot move but the control surfaces get hit by many Gs. Welcome to the world of linear servo (with worm screw).
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