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Zlin Akrobat 70" Sig Fossil Found!

Found this Zlin Akrobat Fossil for FREE! From what I can surmise, itís from the late 60s to early 70s. A building manual is included written by Maxey Hester where he mentions that he now must build his 2nd Akrobat for the 1969 Nationals.

The kit is complete from what I can see though the large building prints are a bit tattered at the folds. I plan on having them scanned and do my best to document every piece of paper plus all the included decals. The balsa is dry to say the least, but was select material, so it will be an electric for sure. The prior builder (in those days) did an ok job, not up to todayís standards, but this ainít no laser cut self jigging kit mind you.

There are problems that I noticed right away Ė

1) the foam core wingís balsa skin is delaminating
2) some oil based wood putty was used at the empennageís root
3) poorly mated angles in the fuselage balsa
4) design and layout a battery hatch and tray

Not sure what the next step will be other than digging into the prints which I have already done for some 10 hours so far this last year. So this bad boy has floated to the top, and itís time has come. In the pictures you can see all the left over material. I may use it and may not, weíll see. The fuse as left unfinished, looks pretty straight actually. The wing is where I need to start making decisions. Iím just wondering what kind of glue I should use and how to clamp the sheeting back onto the foam. The foam looks in decent condition. Can you guys give me some opinions here? The wood will go back into place with about a 1mm gap on one side, the other will seam back tight.

What a pleasure this will be. Just to have an audience here at RCG and at the same time to have this old SIG kit. I hope to start in again today and do some sanding on the 1/8th inch balsa sheeting at the turtle deck as it had split on the last owner which I chased with CA last night, so back to that for now. I believe Iíll be using allot of CA with this dry balsa.

Good flyíin
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