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We crashed ours on Maiden Yesterday. When the plane took off, it when straight up into a high alpha. I pushed the nose down and turned to the right. It sank in the turn and stalled. As It was going down I cut throttle and straightened her out. We lost gear and the two winglets. Top is ok and she will fly again.

We are bummed because we don't know what we did wrong and want to be sure before we try again.

One thing we know we did wrong was take of with Med Flaps and Med Rates. We forgot the manual said no flaps and we always take off with the habu 32 with med flaps and rates. We also had the up elevator mixed in with flaps. I think 1mm and 2mm (high)

We don't know if it was tail heavy or elevator was set at too of up angle. CG was at 155mm and elevator was set to 17mm down as per the manual update. We have the RX, Battery, and BEC pro all in the far back and the Ice 100 between the ducts and were shooting for a CG of 160 - 165mm for CG as per Tam and others but we could only balance at 155mm. So we took her up figuring better a bit nose heavy. We used the CG maching right before flight.

So we are hoping you guy's have some ideas before we go for second maiden.
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