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Howdy Everyone.

I have been flying Foamies for last 5 years. For quite some time now I just got tired of burning holes in the sky. There are some You Tube videos on My YT Page.

I have been itching to try TD. I also need a propose as I can't just sit there and float around...... I start getting antsy. I picked up a Gentle lady and another one like it, but with a power pod. I also made an Up-Start, High start, Drill winch, and Full Size winch. Also A Fling DLG was in the mix till it hit a Pole. Everyone in the club has hit this Witness pole. I traded one of my foam cnc machines to a buddy for a Radian Pro he didn't like.

Most of the guys at the field are older and cut thier teeth on gliders with high starts and big cam motors with huge nicad packs. Us young folk got them oldies into lipos and brush-less motors. They say I am nuts for going back to high starts with sub 5 min flights and lots of walking. I like a challenge so for this season I will be flying nothing but sailplanes........powered and non-powered. I have two ALES Cams to keep me honest.

I convinced/challenged another buddy to join LFS and SSP with me and I am working on the elders.....
I have on order A ELF(dlg) and a lightspeed III (dlg) also a Crimson-C 2meter glider is on it's way.

Today, I tried like hell to hit some spot landings with the Gentle Lady off the High Start 10-12mph winds till I hit a Container Box thats in the middle of the field. It's harder than I thought without flaps and or crow. I got the 2-5min flights done with the Radian Pro w/ales. 6:16 and 6:28. The longest TD I have had so Far. I was Shooting landings and hit some sink and ended thrashing the Radian Pro against the baseball field backstop fence. It was not a pretty sight but, the Radian held up fairly well for going through the foam grater. Now I'm off to unload the Plane Hauler A "77 VW Bus" and fix some Planes.

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