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Tissue Printing Tutorial 3 -

3. Applying Tissue to Carrier Paper

3a. Iron out wrinkles/folds: Use medium/high heat, no steam. Note that tissue, like balsa, has grain (not a factor for me), and also that it has a shiny and flat side (experiment to see which side your printer likes best). I print on the flat side under the assumption that toner would have more grab on that side.

3b. Tape the tissue onto a flat surface, securing the corners with small pieces of Blue Tape, printing side down, stretching out wrinkles.

3c. Prepare a carrier paper that will hold the tissue while it's run through the printer: Very lightly spray the carrier sheet with spray adhesive. How light is "lightly"? - a couple of dust passes from around a foot from the paper. Note that the spray floats in the air, so do the spraying outside if possible.

3d. Apply the paper to the tissue starting at one end and carefully roll the paper onto the taped-down tissue. Trim, then lift paper/tissue and rub out any creases.

3e. Optional - use a piece of Scotch tape folded over the top of the tissue to secure it to the paper. This additional step is to make sure the tissue doesn't separate while traveling through the printer. Ink Jets are more tissue/carrier friendly since the path is straighter - some lasers have to drag the paper through a fuser which, if jammed with tissue, is a major operation to take apart (Yes, I have). NOTE: my new Dell has a fairly straight through paper path, which eases my concerns about this printer eating tissue and hiding it in its bowels.

EDIT: Some refinement born of experience - I now start by taping a cut piece of tissue to the carrier paper at the top, then very lightly dust only the carrier, and then roll and smooth the tissue onto the carrier. That's much simpler AND results in a smoother tissue/carrier sheet.

The tape at the top is NOT overkill in my experience - much easier than disassembling a laser printer!

Next post will include video links to show how I did the top wing, illustrating what I've covered and more.

Gene K
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