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Tissue Printing Tutorial 2

Preparing The Tissue, Scaling

2. The model Pete wanted to do is this one: 1/48 Nieuport 11 Zigomar - Since that model is in 1/48, its 6.2" wingspan needed to be enlarged by a factor of 2.33 to produce Pete's 14.5" desired. The reason for the 14.5" is because Pete's found that wingspan to yield a model perfect for the Radio Control gear he uses (AR6400 and P-51 motor), and it fits into his preferred "around 1/20 scale" (he has accessories like pilots already made up in that scale, as well as other WWI models).

Since the 1:1 Nieuport 11 had/has a wingspan of 24'9" , Pete's model works out to be 1/20.5 scale - luck...or educated guess on Pete's part? (most WWI fighter's wingspans are in this ball park).

Using Paint Shop Pro, I resized and rearranged the paper patterns to fit onto legal size paper since that is the biggest my printer takes (unfortunately, no custom sizing). Detail is still good despite the scaling up.

Next post - Applying Tissue to Carrier Paper

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