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Awkward, you hit the nail right on the head. I wll going to use two pins just as you describe. It is the method I have use before especially on my OLYIII and it works very well. I have already glued a wood bar across the pod just aft of the motor and that will keep the wires from rubbing on the motor. I have also made a cut -out space on the bottom of the access hatch for the wires. That way they will not be "pushed" up against the motor.

These photos show the bones assembled for the first time. I have loosely assembled them to get an idea of where my equipment will go. This is very rough but should give me and idea of where the battery and servos will be placed.
What this experiment is telling me is that the servos will be mounted in the pod under the wing. The battery will be forward but will have a platform with velcro so I can move the battery fore and aft under the leading edge of the wing for minor balance adjustments. At that spot the battery will still be accessible by removing the hatch.
What is not on the plane here are the carbon prop blades, the push rods to the tail and, of course, covering. I believe that I am just slightly nose heavy so the rods will be good.

The plane has an exact wing span of 132.5".

The weight as it is now is at 69.38 ounces.
I feel that with the covering and other minor additions it will muscle out in the low to mid 70s, just shy of 5 pounds.

Mods so far using the good ol' Riser 100 are:

1. Adding AXI motor and prop/hub assembly

2. building all 30" wide new carbon reinforced and flap capable center section.

3. Repairing and "D" sheeting upper and lower existing wings all the way to the tips and adding 22.5" flaps to each inboard mid sections.

4. Modifying the existing fuse to a pod and adding the carbon tail boom.

5. Building all new tail feathers.

I hope you all have enjoyed the ride so far. I am now on the home stretch and this project now has my sole attention and I am determined to get this plane in the air very shortly. So go get your popcorn and stay tuned...

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