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Tissue Printing Tutorial 1


I've had a couple of inquiries about how I print tissue and apply to Depron, so here's the long version:

Pete is covering the actual building/flying, so I'll address preparing the tissue-covered Depron parts, from scaling the paper model, to preparing the tissue for printing, to printing, then mounting the tissue onto foam, and finally forming/bending the foam.


1. Materials I use: color laser printer , Duro Spray Adhesive (WalMart), everyday tissue used for wrapping gifts (any department store), UHU glue stick, Blue painters tape, Scotch tape, Xacto and the usual paper model tools like steel straight edge, rolling tubes, etc).

1a. As concerns printers, I prefer a laser since the graphics on tissue are brighter than from an inkjet, but more importantly because the output is waterproof - a must if flying these small models in the early morning calm when dew is on the grass. I had an HP CP1525nw which was on its last legs, so got a Dell 1250c replacement -,00.asp?p=n. Both are very inexpensive as color lasers go - I bought each at Sam's for around $150. The HP is a laser-laser, while the Dell is an LED, so I was interested to see what the difference is in terms of print quality (the HP output was darker and the color layer seemed"thicker", but the Dell produces a truer color...I like the Dell better).

My next post will cover tissue preparation. Anyone have any specific questions I can answer at this point?

Gene K
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