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GSR260Z Assembly Kit w/Engine RC helicopter

Overall length : 1,623mm
Overall width : 380mm
Overall height : 704mm
Gross weight : 7,800g or more (with Main rotor blade)
Main rotor diameter : 1,765mm (JRC800)
Tail rotor diameter : 288mm
Gear Ratio : 8:1:5.18
Swash type : 120 CCPM/MPM (Option

Items included
Engine G260PUH・1 (with muffler)
JRC800 Carbon
Assembly Manual
Hex Wrench (1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm)
Thread Lock (Soft/Hard)


Items needed to fly
5-Channel or greater helicopter RC system with CCPM and 5 servos
* When MPM system is used,Itís not required to have CCPM-compliant radio.
Gyro system (G770T,G750T,G7000T etc.)
Servo horn
* Not necessary if supplied with your radio set.
* Big Horn 3pcs and Super Horn 1psc are included.
・Radius of 27mm (for CCPM) 3pcs
・Radius of 10.5mm (for MPM) 3pcs
・Radius of 14-17mm (for Rudder) 1pc
・Radius of 12.5mm (for Throttle) 1pc
* If you wish to use MPM system,please purchase following item.
MPM conversion set [No.61211]
Lead harness [No.04634] 2-3 pcs
* Check your gyro for required quantity
Fuel:Gasoline and Engine oil for two-cycle engine. [No.55100,Engine oil 1,000cc]
Engine starting tool:
Starting rod [No.60227],Starter and Power supply are needed when shaft starter is used.
If you use Fuel pump,please use the one with gasoline resistant.


Tools Required For Assembly
Phillips Screwdriver (Large/Small)
Nut Drivers (4mm-12mm)
Needle-nose pliers
Drils (3mm/4mm/6mm)
Metric rule (300mm or longer)
Hobby knife
Quick Drying Glue
Epoxy Resin (30 minutes)
JR Thrust bearing Grease [No.61005]
Spray bottle
JR Universal Precision Pitch Gauge [No.60326]
Other general tools for assembling model helicopter
Useful Tools
JR Universal Ball Link Driver [No.61360]
JR Universal Ball Link Sizing Tool [No.60219]
JR Universal Ball Link Pliers C (Straight Tip) [No.60242]
Box drivers (4.5mm/5mm/5.5mm)
Hex drivers (1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm)
Reamer or Stepped reamer
Rotor balancer

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