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So after a LONG time I finally finished the build. Dealing with a few life situations the hobby was put on the back burner. I still had time to fly but no time to build.

This buikd turned out sloppy. I zigged where I should have zagged, my dog stepped on the wing cracking the right half into 2 fourths. The build ended up at a whopping 167 grams! Which im not happy about. And one thing after another I was just upset. The fuselage has way less space than I'm used to working with, even on my pylon planes. Anyways, it was a great learning experience and now I know what to do to build the next one much cleaner and lighter!

First flight.... It was dusk, with 5-10mph winds and only about 20 minutes left worth of light. The misses was at work and I said screw it, I'm gonna give it a toss. I never even over hand launched this thing. My first launch was a discus launch! Man was I hooked. It went about 75 feet high and flew wonderfully. I was happy. Well 45 minutes later, now I can barely see a sihlouette I got my launches much better, now upwards towards 125-150 feet. Nice long flights too. Long story cut a little short, I flew till I couldnt see at all, then flew in the lighted baseball field.

For an obese, and sloppy built plane, it flies fantastic! My only woe is that i dont feel like i am tetting enough throw on elevator, and the rudder is completely useless on this model, I will definitely skip tue rudder on my next one =]]

Results; happy!

PS. I have to throw a shout out to Alex at skip miller hobbies! He generously helped me out when I otherwise couldnt afford this plane! Thanks bud!
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