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Originally Posted by tylerkaraszewski View Post
Are those the servos that are in the plane flying in the video on your website? You compare them to Hyperion ds09s, which I've used and thought were great, but they're expensive. Someone else mentioned building this plane with hxt900s, which I've also used and thought were pretty awful (but they're cheap). If these are really as good as the hyperions, they'd be worth the price you're asking, but they're still twice as much as HS-55s.

If you insist they're as good as the Hyperion servos, I'll give it a shot and order four of them.
The HS-55 is cheaper, but you will be replacing gear sets on them. If you look at the HS-55 the wrong way the gears will strip, and the gear sets add up.

The Ion DS57MG is an amazing servo the torque is comparable to the DS09, and it has strong metal gears. It is an amazing servo that we are using in our DLGs, Speedos, and small electrics. We are going to be posting a sale with these servo and the Speedos in the next few minutes. Keep an eye out for that sale.

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