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Originally Posted by kerwin50 View Post
Well I ran into my 1st problem. My digtals don't work on channel 8 and on channel 5 it will on go one direction no matter if I go plus or minus.
I have a y servo reverser that I ened up putting on there. But I'm alittle worried how much current that servo reverser can handle and the resistance of the circuit.
I'm also going to need to put some nail polish as glip on the little pot used for matching the servo.
Like I said these servos are fast and they center really well. I can't wait to try them.
Sounds like programming Kerwin. Does it work correctly with analog servos they way you have it now? I would just plug some in and lay them out like the ones on the plane. If you have the same problem, you need to look at the programming some more.

Originally Posted by DaOldGuy View Post
My 9C uses channel 2 and 8 for Ailvators. 2 is set to rev, 8 is set to normal
The channels are correct but the normal/reverse settings on the servos depend on how they are physically installed on the plane.

Originally Posted by snowman View Post
I'd like to hear what you all think of RCG and Turnigy gas engines....super cheap.....any positive comments.....negative comments....personal experience??
We had a couple of the the Turnigy 50s and a 26 here. They all ran fine and no problem with power. The cases were machined and looked really nice. They turned the same size props as the DLEs. Unfortunately, the two 50cc planes were crashed and they have not been repaired so I can't tell you about long term.
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