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I'm glad you wrote that about that issue. I thought I could just post the web site and the pic's etc would be accessible sorry

Here's some of the build pic's. BTW however the Paper Modelers site is worth looking at those guys do some amazing paper builds as good as plastic.

My friend Gene (Speedy01) and I were asked to do a paper to Depron Micro RC build over at their web site. So we're doing a joint build.

We are doing a 1:48 scale to 1:20.5 scale 14.5" WS Nieuport-11 a foam one & a tissue covered foam one. I get the tissue covered one and Gene will have the foam one. Using std PZ Brick & P-51 motor gearbox.

The model is Escadrille 62, Paul Tarascon's "Zigomar" colors are very good on this paper model and Gene did all the enlarging work.

Attached are the pic's of the builds so far. I'm working on a fake spinning LeRhone for the builds.

I also did a mod to the P-51 motor gearbox shaft I turned it around cut off part of the plastic bushing and ground down and polished the shaft splines to give me more shaft to be able to attach the fake spinning LeRhone.

Note: I started the foam build while Gene made the excellent tissue coverd parts and he also baked the wings airfoils. I will start the build on the tissue coverd one as well I just wanted to get the fake LeRhone working on the PZ P-51 motor first.


Gene's done an excellent job as usual covering the 2mm Depron. He's the King of Tissue Covering!
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