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Main Mast

Took off the string and rubber bands and the wooden tube I made last night was just right.
Name: pri20120517a.jpg
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Size: 32.5 KB
Description: Rubber bands and string clamp removed

Planed off the ridges and made it 8-sided.
Name: pri20120517b.jpg
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Size: 42.9 KB
Description: 8-sided - ridges planed off

Then I plugged the heel and the head to make them solid for about 6" at the bottom, and 8" at the top. A 1/2" square tenon was cut in the heel for the mast step.
Name: pri20120517c.jpg
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Size: 66.8 KB
Description: Heel of mast plugged for 6" Name: pri20120517e.jpg
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Size: 40.4 KB
Description: 8" plug for the head of the mast.

The head is the same as the fore mast head except for a slightly increased rake angle. The head tenon was cut and the fit of the cap checked. The doubling was squared and the taper for the hounds cut in.
Name: pri20120517f.jpg
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Size: 97.0 KB
Description: The head of the main is the same as the fore. Name: pri20120517g.jpg
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Size: 59.9 KB
Description: Tenon cut and cap fits

Then I rounded the mast between the base that stays 8 sided up to about 2" above the deck; to the trestle-trees; and attached the hounds just like the fore mast - glued and pinned with two 1/16" brass rods.
Name: pri20120517h.jpg
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Size: 47.8 KB
Description: Planed to almost round, sanded the rest of the way.

I assembled the cross-trees and trestle-trees, glued and pinned; checked for fit
Name: pri20120517k.jpg
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Size: 134.2 KB
Description: Cross-trees and trestle-trees. Name: pri20120517l.jpg
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Size: 103.7 KB
Description: Hounds attached, everything fits.

Finally, the bottom of the mast was painted cream and the head flat black.

Pride now has two sticks.
Name: pri20120517n.jpg
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Size: 63.8 KB
Description: Painted and she now has two sticks.

Now to figure out what to make the bowsprit out of.
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