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Originally Posted by KCV6 View Post
10 no and 4 yes but wouldn't feel comfortable asking for gas money.

With CodeJock's point, Surely that would depend on the agreed arrangement between the seller and the manufacturer. I know if we get equipment and there are issues with it unless there is an agreement in place that specifically states it's shipped back to the manufacturer at their cost, we pay the shipping costs.

I see many vendors have a set of terms and conditions that the buyer has to agree to before the purchase will go through.

You bring up a good point- It's what's agreed (agreement between buyer and seller) before the actual transaction that is important. Some vendors do have a posted "no cost to you" in the event of damage right out of the box or DOA, while others mention having to weight the contents, take pictures, etc. etc.

Personally, I've had to do 1 return to Hobbypartz for a puff Lipo after 3 charger cycles. Instead of actually requiring a physical return, they did require very detailed pictures, but did come through with a new Lipo.

At this point I'm convinced that those that feel strongly online vendors should pay for return postage don't feel comfortable asking their LHS to pay for gas. There were some valid points made, but really is this because the LHS is face to face while the online vendor is miles away and at the other end of an email, or phone?

I find while most people (net in general) that are hot heads, impatient, etc, when you meet them in real person are quite pleasant and civilized.

Maybe this explains partly why we require much more of our online vendors, but are relaxed towards our LHS.
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