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Originally posted by Immelmann

The thrust is determined by the mass flow multiplied by its increase in velocity:

F = m * V.
This should be:

F = m * a

where 'a' is the increase in velocity (meters per second per second).


The power required to attain the propulsion is given by the formula:

P = * m * V^2

F = Newton
m = mass flow (kg per second)
V = increase in velocity (meters per second)
P = power (Watts = volts * ampere)
This one should be:

E = * m * V^2

where E is the energy (in Joules or kg m^2/s^2), and V is the velocity (in meters per second), <u>not</u> the increase in velocity, and m is the mass (in kg).

The formula for power is:

P = F * V

Where P is the power in Watts, F is the force (thrust) in Newtons, and V is the velocity in meters per second.

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