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im currious about the xtremelink myself, did you try? im looking for more distance

Originally Posted by daign View Post
I have been using eagletree OSD for FPV and have been somewhat unhappy with their setup. I recently received an Eagleeyes kit with the readymade Antenna tracker and am considering switching systems.

I have a Skylark Tiny OSD and have read very many good things about their tracker, and its clean appearance and setup. Would it be a wise idea to switch to the Skylark Trace AAT/OSD combo and returning/selling my existing eagletree setup?

Regarding LRS and UHF. I am very fond of my Aurora 9 Hitec radio and its built in telemetry functions, but dislike its lack of RSSI. I just sold off all my Spektrum gear and am considering choosing a Transmitter system/setup for FPV for the long term.

Does anyone know anything of the XPS (extreme power systems) modules for the hitec aurora 9? Are they just as good as a UHF setup? They claim up to 5 miles

If I was to go with a UHF setup I would lose my built in Aurora telemetry I assume? I have also considered a 2.4ghz booster with a patch antenna mounted to my tracker. I currently run 1.3ghz dual video receivers with diversity and a 300mw transmitter with a V antenna on the quad, I have not decided on a setup my first FPV plane. A Skysurfer/Bixler 1400mm...

I own a police P71 crown Victoria cruiser and would like to convert it to a mobile FPV flight station. It would be amazing to use the 2 3/8 holes and the 1 3/4 hole as antenna locations. I could put the antenna tracker on the roof while parked.Do they make antennas I can use for this application?

The amount of info regarding LRS and Antenna tracking is overwhelming, but I have read about the Scherrer units plugging into the training ports on the aurora 9.

Thanks for the info and sorry for the babbling, my painkillers make me a bit skittish at night

i use a hitec qpcm and a mpx royal evo 9... just over a mile out and close to 5 mile with xps is good enough if they can do that
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