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I decided to add a drawer to my work table for little stuff I'm always trying to find in the clutter. It's 24" wide x 14" deep and 3" tall. The table's 23" across, so I put a shelf behind the drawer as a place to sit things when you're working.
Name: dyws20120516e.jpg
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Description: Put a drawer in the worktable Name: dyws20120516b.jpg
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Description: The "sit it down" shelf behind the drawer

I gathered up the cedar for the main mast. One piece, shown in the pics, was about 18" x 3" x 1", the rest were smaller. From these I ripped 1/4" thick boards, which in turn, were ripped into 5/16" strips getting two from each board. In the end I had 28 strips.
Name: pri20120516b.jpg
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Description: Down front is the cedar block that will become the main mast. Name: pri20120516c.jpg
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Description: The block, and a couple of other pieces, all ripped in to 1/4" boards. Name: pri20120516d.jpg
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Description: Boards ripped to 5/16".

I rerigged the router table with a sacrificial fence, a piece of one of the model's deck beams as a leaf-spring to hold the work down, and a home made finger board to hold it against the fence. I pushed each strip through the router using the next strip to push the prior one through. This all went much quicker and resulted in much cleaner cuts than when I did the foremast.
Name: DSCF0004 001_0001.jpg
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Description: Capture from video of running the strips through the router.  The video's no more exciting than this pic. :)

I laid out the strips by staves to make sure the butt joints were well staggered, then started gluing up the spar using rubber bands to clamp it together. I started with the first 8 pieces and added the next piece at each lowest butt in succession, until all the stave were complete. When it was all together I wrapped it tightly with some cotton cod line, the string clamp.
Name: pri20120516e.jpg
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Description: Bird's mouth cut and staves are laid out to make sure but joints are well staggered Name: pri20120516f.jpg
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Description: Glue up commences Name: pri20120516g.jpg
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Description: Gluing continues with rubber bands holding everything as each piece is glued and added.

I trimmed it to 47" on the band saw, and played with it for a while, making sure all the butt joints were tight and there were no twists or bends, then finally it was left to set-up over night.
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Description: The anaconda grip of the 'string clamp' is applied.  The spar is a little longer than needed.

I don't have enough cedar left for the bowsprit or the rest of the spars, so I'll have to get some more, or see if I have something else to use.
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