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Hi all- I'm trying to help my dad get into the hobby with a bixler- I already helped add most of the main mods- can anyone please confirm the correct way to glue the stock arf wooden motor mount in and what the correct thrust angle needs to be (eg. Slightly down and to the right as you look from the tail towards the nose or anything else)? the wooden block has a specific shape and yet it doesn't seem so obvious as to how it fits into the foam mounting area as the shape in the foam that it needs gluing to isn't a particular snug fit with the shape of the block..- any pointers/pictures to the correct way to mount would be appreciated Also not sure how to glue the block in whilst preventing the metal 'drum' of the motor from touching the foam (to allow free movement of the motor fully).. sorry if this has already been answered but this is the only thing holding my dad back from flying and quite honestly cannot read the 1000+ pages here to find this out- thank for any understanding person out there who has any advice for this and can answer- cheers!
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