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This is not an uncommon problem, and it's due to the way the ESCs detect the initial throttle signal. It's very common with certain ESCs sch as Gaui. The solution is to power the ESCs separately from the Naza and receiver, and power up the Naza and receiver first, then a second or two later, supply power to the ESCs. The easiest way is to supply power to the Naza's BEC/LED (the VU device) from the two outer leads of the battery's balance connector, and supply power to the ESCs through the normal main battery lead connector. Plug in to the balance connector first. This gives the Naza a chance to get through its boot procedure and provide the required throttle position signal to the ESCs before they power up. This prevents the ESCs from going into a 'lockup' condition because they don't see a normal throttle signal when powered on. This is noted is several places in the DJI Naza discussion thread over in the Multi Rotor area.
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