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Originally Posted by Jim Lee View Post
Hi Prone8,

I don't have any experience with the E-Flite Extra 300, But I do have a Fliton Extra 330. I also have the mini Funtana X. The Fliton Extra 330 is a much better flying plane than the mini funtana X, Primarily because the Fliton Extra 330 is a much lighter plane than the mini Funtana X.

I did put a larger motor and battery in the mini funtana X and it performed a little better, But it still had to carry the extra weight. I replaced the E-flite Park 480 1020Kv and the 3s 2100mAh lipo with a E-Flite Power 10 and a 3s 2500mAh lipo to balance out the heavier motor
You would be hard pressed to find a Fliton Extra 330, But that would be my choice over the mini Funtana X. In the photo, The mini Funtana is in the middle of the second row from the rear.I hadn't purchased the Fliton Extra 330 yet.

That's just my experience with the two planes.

where is your cg? that batt and motor setup is probably 6 oz heavier than stock. the problem is the weight of the batt,,,,that big of a batt is adding unnecessary nose weight....the larger motor also adds nose weight...did u make a custom batt tray whewre u mount the batt on tip of the wing tube or behind it? if u have the rear of the batt against the wing tube, that is still in front of the cg and will make it nose heavy.....try using an 1800mah 3s to lighten up the nose and it should fly better. also use no smaller than a 12" prop for enough thrust....also fly with the sfg's...they not only improve rudder authority, they also increase post stall flying performance like in an upright harrier
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