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Originally Posted by BigJack82 View Post

The crystals look like they will work in the video, maybe I'll take a chance and see if they work.


I have also stumbled upon another interesting tactic posted elsewhere if you have 2 tanks with the same crystal sets, though it sounded odd that it would work.

Take the crystals from the 2nd tank with the duplicate set, and just swap them around, placing the the crystal from the 2nd tank's remote into the 2nd tank, & the crystal from the 2nd tank over into the 2nd tank's remote.

I have some duplicate crystal sets for my VSTanks from when I first purchased them, but got Toyeast to send me a couple new sets I didn't have so I never really sat down & tested any alternatives. I just tested this theory using duplicate pairs of the #5 crystals I have, & wouldn't you know, it worked, but with some oddities at times I might add!

So I am running 2 M1A2 Abram VSTanks on the same #5 crystals, though at times there seems to be some overlap or interference with each other when both remotes & tanks are turned on, where sometimes each tank will respond when it is not supposed to be responding. But it does work pretty good IMO, & could be good enough of a switch to use until you can get more crystals.

Want even more odd behavior, but kind of cool, if I remove the crystal from one tank, & keep both remotes on, I can still use that same tank's remote to control it normally (without the other tank responding) even though it now has no crystal in it, & at the same time I can also use the other tanks remote to control both tanks identically ... haha! I'm sure there are other variants depending on what's on/off too, but that was kind of neat to see. Guess this is a typical odd behavior since one control is using the Tx crystal while the other control is using an Rx crystal.

Anyhow, try this technique, as it did work for me & my VSTanks using their 27MHz crystals, & let us know how it goes.

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