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Originally Posted by Viking50 View Post
The three boats were the same one design however; the ballast weight can vary in shape and location.
Great! Thanks.
So based on this, my assumption is that any rudder made by dumas should work for any of the dumas hulls? Plug & Play?
Is that correct... Any the major difference between the dumas boats was ballasting?

I understand they were build to the same "one design" theory, but prior to the 95 Standard hull in the USA, there are many different shaped "one design" boats.
I.E. My Hickman EC-12 is totally different in the keel than my Dumas.

I did contact Rick West in regards to the Dumas, he knew of no rudders available, and noted that most that need a rudder for a Dumas build it.

I have actually sourced a Dumas rudder, but trying to fill-in as much information as possible to find out if it will work properly before I send away for it.

I'm familiar with the ballasting issues of the Dumas.
Fortunatley either someone corrected the ballast previously, or it was built correctly from the start. Here's a photo of my ballast in the boat, with lead forward.
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