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Speed Runs

Went to the field tonight after spending the day getting the down thrust out and dialing the incidences in better.
Switched to a 6S Sky Lipo 30C constant 60 burst 3000mah battery. the launch was uneventful The changes in thrust really showed up when I hammered the diving towards the ground as it did on the last flight just straight ahead and fast. I then made (7) four to 6 second passes at full throttle. In between the passes I ran at 1/2 throttle.
Handling is finally starting to settle down but I am still not happy with the amount of left trim that is needed. Way to much for a straight wing.
Never the less after the passes the landing went well... came in to fast on the first attempt ...went around and landed right where I wanted (no flaps, no spoilers).
Went to the plane and picked it up and immediately noticed that caramel smell I ran to get my temp guage and found that the motor temp was 285F Got it cooled down but I can tell you this motor is GARBAGE for this application and will never make it to 7 or 8S This motor is supposed to produce 4100 watts and take 120amps with 12S. During my runs the AMPS never went over 140 at WOT.
I am running a Turbo spinner with holes on each side of the motor for air and today opened up three more holes in the Fuz for air.
I'll never get to 200mph with this motor and suggest that no one else try it either. I guess EDF is EDF.
Checked the doppler and found that the plane was going 175 WITH a 14mph wind. I'm happy about breaking my own personal speed record but bummed because this motor will take me no further!
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