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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
I have to say all these worries about my v450's ability to stay in the air because of it's technical issues with the tail servo and RX have me coming home when I'm bored or had a bad day flying and watching videos of the Goblin 700 for hours.. This can only lead to one eventuality. I have to wonder though if i went and spent the $2000 plus to get this thing totally pimped out and rocking all the best gear available......

WOULD I STILL HAVE TO WORRY EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT THAT THE ELECTRONICS WILL FAIL!?!?! not might, BUT WILL!! like how i'm beginning to feel about my walkera's above the v120 class. I understand failure happens, but my 4f200's ESC didn't last 25 flights. It also has had to have 4 sets of servos replaced just from taking it out of the Walkera aluminum case and stripping gears. Not even from a crash, just putting on a blade holder or something like that. That's pretty horrible: "Lets go flying! WOOT got the 4f200 righ-AWWW!!! SOB!! stripped a servo taking it out of the case AGAIN!" - Shouldn't be that easy! jeez.

My v450's ESC was on literal electrical fire on MY flight 2, stock tail servo went out around flight 14ish and replacement tail servo went bad around flight 16 or 17 and I just now ordered another STOCK replacement just to see if my RX has bad firmware and is going to blow this one out too in like 5-10 flights. I suppose if the stock one lasts 10-15 flights it would be safe to say i can order a futaba without worrying about risking a good servo right? I would really hate to have to buy a Sab Goblin to fix my tail servo issue.
Integrity I am sorry but it seems like this 450 is cursed. I have one also but really have never flown it. I hope mine does not burn thru the parts yours does. I hope it gets better for you soon. 😃

What cheap tail servo should I buy for this 2702RX?
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