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I have seen that jerking thing l its crazy. And i still dont get it. What should my rpm be? I will then try to remember to tach it

Originally Posted by HeliFlyer711 View Post
Expo is a funny thing and some guys swear by it others cant stand it so its really dependant on the pilot and the way he likes to fly. Neg Expo is going to get the servos to move quicker and further in a shorter stick throw. If you watch videos of pro pilots watch the picture in picture of the TX and the heli. If you watch thumbs they make very small movements on the stick for very large big air flights, or when they get close and tight to the mat. Some guys even fly crack and move the sticks really fast to jerk the servos into movement rather than a linear control. its a technique that gets more, because your not working the servo linear, but using its speed and torque to advantage. Your gonna need a red-bull for that

Theres many ways to skin a cat and get what you need out of the heli, expo is just one way to get there. Mostly though its used to dumb the stick down for a n00b's which usually have a tendancy to stick slam, and dump. + Expo will help with that, neg expo is the opposite. Watching your flights I think you just have to open up your servos, you dont need more sensitivity on the sticks but rather more servo movement.

Eventually your going to outgrow those stock servos and to tell you the truth you probably already have, when you fly your feeling mushy sticks and its the stock servos dont have the torque to get the swash to move under load that you want. Put some high speed high torque servos on that bird and it will feel like a new heli. Just IMHO.

PS. Look up servo resolution and how that correlates to the sticks........... and for some radios + expo is Neg and neg expo is positive ( as if it wasnt already a mystery)
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