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Originally Posted by Sentio View Post
I convinced myself that I could teach myself to fly, so I bought a Dynam Piper Cub. Tried to fly this weekend and it didn't go nearly as well as planned. Two crashes and some significant repairs has me afraid to fly this plane again without more experience. After some research, which is more than I did last time, I have decided that the Hobbyzone Champ or Firebird Statos would be good choices. But which one........

Of the two which would be the better to learn with? I have read the comments in this thread and realize the the Stratos is a great plane that appears to be very easy to fly, but is it better than the Champ. Anyone willing to compare the two for me.

Thanks for the help!!
The number one reason to get the Stratos instead of the Champ is size. Understand that both planes are topwing "gliders" that float on air and have tons of lift so flying them is kinda easy. They are both 3-channel with elevator and rudder controls on the right stick so the controls are extremely similar. Flight characteristics are also similar. Both are made of strong foam and have reasonable powerplants for their size. With all that said, size is the biggest factor for choosing the Stratos and here is why....

1. Bigger is better in wind. The Stratos can handle a stronger breeze than the Champ and you will have more opportunities to fly in winds up to 8 mph which may be too strong for a novice with a Champ.

2. Orientation. With a bigger plane it is far easier to visually see which side is up and which way you are turning than it is with a smaller plane that is capable of reaching the same altitudes and distances of the Stratos.

3. Performance. Overall I feel the Stratos handles better and the larger size offers a little more durability in both electronics and airframe, and I feel that I am more confident in my abilities with the larger plane.

I have owned and repaired a total of 4 Champs. I have 3 elevator servo failures from flying in wind and having to use tons of down elevator to compensate, and I have wasted 3 motors. I had one brick fry. In defense of the Champ, I modded all of them with 3.7v 500mah batteries, and used the P51 props. I am a true believer after modding models that it is not in the best interest of the model. Yes, you can do it and have success, but when you enhance a product and increase its weight or change its flight characteristics from what it was intended for by the designers something else will fail soon enough.

IMO, i would actually purchase a Stratos for a friend cuz it is that good! Fear not and make this your choice and you will be satisfied.
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