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Motor Test Run.

Well I was bale to pull some initial numbers. There nothing like what my MotoCalc program had put together. But then in reading Matts numbers they do significantly drop when the prop finally unloads a bit in the air.

With the Turnigy 6374-192Kv


Volts avg. Vm = 37.62v
Peak Amps Ap = 101a
Peak Watts Wp = 3735

I have not put a tach on as yet. Just ordered one because I didn't have one for a 4blade prop.

Overall for about a 2min run (WOT was about 30sec.) and no extra airflow running over the motor and ESC, the motor and ESC were just warm, no problem putting my hand on it. The battery packs were luke warm at best. It was indiacted that just having another connection with the watt meter in the mix can provide enough resistance to cause some extra heating. As Matt had indiacted the Amps are a bit higher than what I was expecting also, but then accounting for a 10 to 20% unloading in the air that would drop me down to around 82-85 amps at WOT which is within the specs of the motor, so I don't think this would be a problem. Besides this would be for short bursts of 30 sec. or less on a high speed pass or areobatic manuver.

As I had mentioned when I started this thread, this is my first electric and I'm learning a lot from all of you. So please let me know what you think and provide some opinons on this set-up. It all looked good on paper.....LOL, but we all know thats not always what our final result is.

Right now I'm wondering if I need to come down in prop from the 18X12 to an 18X10 to cut back on the amp draw. Then on the other hand....I'm thinking maybe I just need to fly the aircraft first and see how it performs, then start making changes as needed. Everything I have read on this motor is that it is not a problem swinging the bigger prop....thats why I went to a lower Kv motor. Thats why we have a throttle right???

I definitly need to go to a Castle Creations ESC with a data logger. That sure seems like a handy tool and worth the extra money.

I'll be doing some additional testing later tonite to get some 50% and 75% power readings. I'll post when I have these. Hope to have some RPM readings also.

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