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The mcpx was cool for me for about a month. A couple of my fellow club members said the same. I sold mine as did one of the other club members. The other doesn't fly his any more.
The mcpx is cool for flying around fast foward and maybe some light flipping and thats about it.
Anything more and you'll find the main motor is under powered and the tail blows out. Then you'll be looking at upgrades like a brushless motor, better tail motor, etc. Then you'll be frustrated because its too expesive to upgrade and your stuck with a small, under powered heli.
I guess those who have flown better non underpowered heli and no longer crash often or those who have an unlimited hobby budget some of the above is true.

Here is my son flying a stock mcp X except for theextended boom ,less than $1.00 mode.

I have seen him crash this one way to many times and after close to a year and over a hundred flights he replaced the swatch as it was getting wobbley and he has replaced a few dog bone links..

I flew 30 and 50 glow size helis over 20 years ago, I have Blade CP converted to B/L ,a msr, Blade 400 with better gyro,servos,scorpion motorCC ESC and Ihave a Phoneix sim.

Guess what I have learned more in the past month with the mcp X than all of my other helis and Sim combined and that is saying a lot I belive for a 67 year old male with slowing reflexes, fading vision and dyslexia which keeps getting worse.

Someoneelse put it well.

The MCP X is the flight simulator you can take outdoors.

I would love to have an electric heli with a 60" rotor and unlimited power to do any trick in the book and new ones. I would be willing to pay say $3000 for such a setup if it came with free unlimited tech support covering rebuilds,maintiance and free replacement parts for the next year with a mx. of 2 days oput of comminsion at a time.. I figure by then I would no longer be crashing very often.

Two years ago I shelfed my Blade 400 due to rebuild cost and time. One dum thum move equaled $50 to $100 in parts and hours of rebuilding and re tuning.
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