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Hey Guys,

First post here, my wife bought me this as a anniversary gift along with some other great gifts. She went out on a limb and gambled that I would want a plane over a rock crawling rc since that's what we do in real life. I have a background in aviation, I was a aeronautical technician on my way to pursuing a career in aeronautical engineering which I left to start my own business elsewhere. Anyways.......

After 4 flights down, I'm extremely happy with this plane, I'm self teaching myself how to fly. Yeah yeah I know I should have a expert teach me but I honestly don't know anyone that flies rc planes nor do I feel like hanging with the guys down at my local rc shop, I prefer to do this myself and learn from my mistakes, I'm sure I'll burn thru this fuselage soon and need a replacement but the journey has been awesome. I look forward to learning from what all the other members have to offer on flight tips and such. Thanks to this plane for bringing me into the hobby! I just can't wait to strap a camera on this sucker
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