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Originally Posted by airtimeallen View Post
The mcpx was cool for me for about a month. A couple of my fellow club members said the same. I sold mine as did one of the other club members. The other doesn't fly his any more.
The mcpx is cool for flying around fast foward and maybe some light flipping and thats about it.
Anything more and you'll find the main motor is under powered and the tail blows out. Then you'll be looking at upgrades like a brushless motor, better tail motor, etc. Then you'll be frustrated because its too expesive to upgrade and your stuck with a small, under powered heli.
If you want to learn how to fly helicopters buy a similator and fly close to a real cp heli with REAL power. If you want a small helicopter to fly in the backyard then by an mcpx. Nothing againts the mcpx but people need to understand what it is and what its not.
I have a feeling the 130x will be three times the heli the mcpx is. my 2cents.
While I do agree the stock mcp x is underpowered, I do not have any tail blowouts with the new stock extended boom. I think for what it is, it does great. I believe it can teach good collective management, and takes crashes well especially over grass. I have one stock and one brushless, and love to fly them back to back. It is a real CP helicopter, and I learned inverted, loops, rolls, flips without a simulator. I would recommend learning CP on the mcp x. Parts are cheap, and it is easy to repair. I already ordered a 130x, and glad I own my 2 mcp x's. Years ago I tried to learn on a Novus 125 CP, which turned into an expensive nightmare. Anyway, that is my 2 cents.

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