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Originally Posted by North_of_49 View Post
It's about the same weight as my 120 which has heavier than stock skids (Align 250) and some other extra stuff like boom supports... so, believe me, I'm used to crashing a 100g+ heli and what is likely to happen or not happen All my damage or broken parts on that bird were sustained over hard surfaces like the driveway, sidewalk and road out front... I don't think I've broken a single part flying (crashing) in the farmer's field my neighborhood backs onto (knock on wood) and that's where I plan to train myself on the 130 . I'm hoping the 130x will be at least as robust as the 120sr... we won't know until it's out, but, if so, I don't think we have too much to worry about 'cause that one is a tank... for its size (as long as you kill the throttle before striking anything)

The first thing I'll try doing to it is mount the Align 250 skids like my 120 (the only thing I break on those are the pipes which I make myself from plastic antenna tube)! ...
I promise you that is not the case =)
The 120 will be like a tank compared to the 130x. The 130 is much much much faster, much much much more sensitive to cyclic, has a torque tube tail and var pitch tail..the list goes on. Not telling you not to buy the 130x, just not to think itll stand up even remotely near your 120.
120+ sized CP helis break a lot when they crash, they are marketed to the intermediate and advanced pilot, thus not expecting to crash every flight.

As for buying the McPX and outgrowing it in a month...not sure where that idea came wont master that anytime soon, and wont be outgrown period and itll stand up MUCH better than the 130.

If I bought my 120 CP before my 100 I wouldnt be anywhere near the pilot I am now, as it would have cost me more, more downtime, and make me more afraid to crash, limiting my learning.

A 130 size TT tail brushless CP heli running on 2s is not the ideal trainer.
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