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Originally Posted by jlumens View Post
I am new to this hobby, and have a new Stratos. I flew it last Sunday and again today and thought I would pass along what little I have learned in case it helps someone else.
* Our winds were about 10-12 mph here today and I think that that is too much for this plane. Flying into the wind it pretty much just stopped several times. Other times it acted just like a kite and took off on me. Turning from upwind to down wind was pretty hairy (for me, at least) and I had to be careful to not lose control. Someone above suggested 7 mph as a max and that might be about right.
* Don't let your battery get down too low. With what appears to me to be a fairly small rudder, the plane apparently relies to some extent on the motor differential mix to turn. With a low battery the rudder sometimes just wasn't enough to complete a turn. I put one of those low battery alarms in the battery compartment and it seemed to work well and I could hear it from in the air.
* I lost one of the wing outriggers and so had to take off the other one.
* I damaged one prop spinner and didn't have any CA available so I flew with just one spinner. It seemed to be ok. Later I lost the other spinner so now I have none and it still seems ok.
* I fly on grass so I changed the small wheels out so that I could take off without hand launching. I didn't want to hand launch because I didn't think I had the coordination to do that. So, I put one of the stock back wheels on the front and put Du-Bro 1.86" wheels on in the back. I never could get the plane to lift off. I wouldn't think the weight difference would cause that. Maybe the changed angle of attack of the wing took away all its lift. I guess I'm going to be hand launching, at least for a while until I figure something else out. It turns out that hand launching is not all that hard as long as you don't stand there gawking at the plane and delay getting your hand on the elevator stick. This might sound (and look) goofy, but maybe I'll leave the stock wheels on in the back and put the larger wheel on in the front. Maybe the front wheel is the one digging in on the grass and it really is the one that needs to be bigger.
* I had a hard landing in one of my last landings with wheels and pulled the plastic front gear mount out of the body. I guess I'm going to have to glue it back in if I plan to use my landing gear. I noticed that someone else above also had this same problem so maybe this is a weakness.
* Thanks to whoever above mentioned about replacing the wing without removing that pin. I have been screwing/unscrewing the pin each time and it was just a matter of time before the plastic would not have held the screws any more.
So far I am pretty happy with my purchase. As a first plane I suppose I am going to have to adjust to it getting banged up but that is what learning is all about, right?
Hopefully this post has been of some value to someone. Good luck with your Stratos!

regarding your post.I think the prop savers....the little wire thing you lost needs to be reinforeced with a dab of hot glue.I lost one also not on a crash just in transport..and yeah this is my first plane...scuffs but haven't broken off anything yet
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