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Questions about the Eagle N6 V2 FC

For stick centering, it says Please Turn The Power Off after the blue LED comes on. Do they mean disconnect the battery from the board, or, turn off the TX, then disconnect the power from the board?

For esc calibration, it says Simply Turn The Power Off after going through the procedure. Again, do they mean turn off the TX, then disconnect the battery? Or just disconnect the battery, then turn off the tx?

I've been having a heck of a time getting this Ready to Fly Out Of The Box board to fly. I've calibrated the escs individually and on the rig. I've done the stick centering and esc calibration procedures a dozen times. I've made sure the tx trims are all neutral during those procedures.

One time, I managed to get motor #2 to run. To do that I had to move all of the trims way way WAY off of neutral. My throttle was way hi. My Aileron was way hi. I forget what the elevator and rudder were, but my sense is, I had to have everything super off center / neutral to get ONE FREAKING MOTOR to spin up.

What I'm seeing now is, TX ON, BATTERY CONNECTED, the LEDs function, at the blue LED, the rear two motors beep continuously. Does this mean something? Is this a kind of trouble response?

I have no idea how to arm this board. It's not an N6. It's the V2.

If anyone can chime in with some advice on the various issues I'm having with this "Ready to fly" flight controller, that would be awesome.

Spider 635 frame
Proton 30A escs.
RC Exceed 2215 / 920 KV motors
Eagle N6 V2 FC in Quad X-mode
No-name power distribution board
FlySky TH9X TX with throttle reversed, mode 2, no other changes to factory profile
FlySky FS R8B RX
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