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Good luck with that... you might be different than most, but I'm guessing that most people would find it very difficult to transition from the 120SR to the 130X with no CP experience

Possibly and probably, but not necessarily.

The 120SR flies nothing like a CP. After about three crashes of the 130x you would have paid for the mCPx which can be crashed all day without damage.

Without it even being out yet, you already know what's going to break, and that 3 crashes will equal the cost of an mcpx

I was a hotshot 120SR pilot and thought I knew what I was doing, but it took me a month before I could get the mCPx into the air safely and in a stable hover. But you might be different

And there are ways to tame down a CP with a computerized Tx... even simulate FP Like you said, everyone's different... you are the best judge of your own abilities... be smart about it, you don't need to ask someone else what you should do, they don't know your capabilities or aptitude for this kind of stuff or anything else for that matter.

It's your time and money...go for it.

I am

If I have some mishaps in the beginning that still cost me less than buying, selling and taking a loss on an mcpx that I would only own and use briefly (I don't like it aesthetically) then I have made the right decision... for me

Like I said, we'll see how it goes, I'm not overly concerned about it... I have a big field out back with thick grass
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