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Lesson learned :/

always double check the ailerons aren't reversed before the maiden....

Gorgeous day, batteries and TX charged, did two nice flights in the micro T-38 to calibrate my fingers and then proceed to fly the Lightning for all of ~5 seconds before drilling her into the turf.

Taxied twice at high speed, then ran up the motors for nice scale lift-off (cg ~75mm back from wing root was perfect), quickly (thank god) flip the gear up as she starts to bank gently to the right so feed in left aileron.... still rolling.... FULL left aileron.... she's inverted... .... BAM nose first from about 10'.

Damage isn't bad IMO considering she dug up 2 nice chunks of earth and at least 75% throttle. Luckily the angle of impact was just enough so she didn't cartwheel or 'spear' into the ground.

Clean breaks at the thinnest parts of the engine booms, one side of the fuse cracked through, ~1/4 of the elevator hinge ripped off, 4 broken props (have spares, more ordered), machine guns speared into the ground. V1 Wings, surprisingly, held together and no damage to the wing/engine boom area. Bent both motor shafts.
Spending some time liberally coating the insides of the wing/nacelle area, wing leading edges, and entire nose with epoxy paid dividends.
The vert stabs are also undamaged, surely thanks to heeding RGS' tip to strengthen the thin area with some epoxy and thin plastic instead of toothpicks.

At least there was only my bud and one other (sympathetic) pilot there to witness it. The last pic of him semi-crash landing into some trees with his 90" span Cub when it didn't have enough power to climb over. He somehow bounced down between about 5 of them from ~25', landing with absolutely no damage. Lucky dog!

Oh well, time to order a bunch of new clevis, break out the epoxy and put her back together. She will fly again!
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