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!! If you sourced the FMP04 from Paul/Flyduino, DO NOT update the software if you got that module from him after 12th of July 2012 !!

Hi guys,

After spending a frustrating (with amazing F1 in background) afternoon getting GPS to work and updated, I thought it might be handy for anyone that I'd write up a little how-to.
I'm working with FMP04 on Paul's ( GPSBOB v1.1 and a Sparkfun FTDI Basic (5V)

1. Solder everything up, I started with JST-XT connector soldered directly to the GPSBOB connectors, but switched to regular connectors for software update.
2. Connect wires (I just used one servo-extension cable + jumper cable for GND) to FTDI. Just GND to GND, 5V of GPSBOB to 5V of FTDI (although my Sparkfun FTDI says 3V3, it seems to be a silkscreen error).
!! RX from GPSBOB -> RX from FTDI (same for TX->TX) !!
3a. Get firmware + updater from here: (10Hz, WaaS, 115200Baud version)
4. Unpack files from archive + unpack the firmware tool
5. Start FlashTools.exe
6. In Options menu, select corresponding COM-port and speed (9600, 38400, 115200 or Autodetect)
7. Select DA: 3329 and click Download Agent.
8. Select the corresponding file (MTK_AllInOne_DA_MT3329_v4.02.bin in the FlashTool folder)
9. Click ROM and select the file you've downloaded above ( n)
10. Click Download
11. Watch firmware being cleared (RED) and uploaded (BLUE) and get the (GREEN) circle confirming upload

If you somehow encounter a (RED) cross with an error, please confirm you've selected the right Download Agent and have actually(!) selected the ROM properly.
No need to use the USB_Loader also provided.

For additional options, you might also use the MTK uploader our ArduPilot (and/or DIY Drones) friends refer to:

Hope this helps anyone!



EDIT: Forgot to update this post, after already updating some in MultiWii forums!
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