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[QUOTE=pugsam;21599403]I'm on the fence about adding this bird to my Air Wing.

One important consideration is transportability and storage.

How are you guys handling this? Do you generally keep the wing on when you carry it in the car with other planes, and at home on the shelf?

Or is the attachment and removal process easy and smooth enough that you mostly keep the wing off except at the field?

And, is it so fragile that it's easily vulnerable to hanger rash from routine handling, bumping other airframes, etc. (The kind of stuff that happens sometimes, even though you're trying to be careful.)


After 29 years of flying, I switched to electrics almost exclusively about 5 years ago. My current fleet consists of: Multiplex Twinstar ll, Multiplex EasyStar, Parkzone T-28D Trojan, Flyzone Cessna Corvalis, several ultra-micros and now a Firebird Stratos. I plan to add an EasyStar ll and a Parkzone Albatros as soon as they become available. Once I assemble an electric aircraft I NEVER take it apart or take the wings off. Although I drive a small Ford Escort, the rear seats fold down and I can easily (and carefully) load ONE aircraft for my trip to the field. I am retired and fly almost every day, weather permitting. I keep a flight log on all of my aircraft and don't mind concentrating on just ONE per day. Since I am also an instructor I am often called upon to fly several other aircraft during most days..... At home, I have several of the foam Robart stands which help to "hangar" my fleet in my computer and "hangar" room. Also, I keep approximately 10 or 12 small hand towels in my auto to wrap around wheels to keep them from rolling or to drape over wingtips for protection or stability. I must say that my fleet still looks brand new. Even my favorite, the completely stock T-28D with 302 documented flights, looks like it just came out of the box!
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