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Originally Posted by thwaitm View Post
No chance you can go back to the seller and ask him when he bought it new? It might give you a better idea if you have a V1.0 or not.
It is a wow hobbies upgraded MGS-PRO version with the Turbo ace motor. Box still has their green sticker for approval or whatever. No clue how old it is though.

Also keep in mind i'm only on my second servo on the tail at the moment. The first one was the stock with who knows how many flights. The second is the Fusonic "upgrade" from wow hobbies. I only got about 10 flights or so on the stock Servo, that could have been replaced before it was sold to me and was brand new, or it could have had many flights already. I didn't even get 5 flights on the Fusonic, but i'm reading around and hearing this could be expected from Fusonic sometimes. I'm going to order another stock Walkera servo and see what happens this time. Probably throwing $30 out the window that could have been better spent on a new 2702. But at the moment there is no other way to know i guess. Not to mention a tail servo blowing out in flight is probably going to cost me more at some point in a crash.

Considering these things, i'm scared to drop $60 on a futaba or anything else at this point. It might be easier, cheaper, and more reliable just to stock up on $20 Fusonic's and replace them every 3 flights.
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