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Well, I had the opportunity to fully evaluate the Firebird Stratos today with nine flights of approximately 10 minutes each. I am happy to report that, even though I am a very experienced RC pilot, it exceeded even my expectations!
This is a very relaxing and fun to fly aircraft for any experience level. Although, frankly, I do not recommend that anyone attempt to learn to fly without an "instructor", I feel that I could teach anyone to fly the Stratos very comfortably in about three flights.
First of all, I never attached the landing gear or anything beneath the fuselage or wing except a Dubro nylon wing skid directly in front of the hatch retainer and my initial plan was to deactivate the virtual instructor after only a few flights. But, the Stratos was so easy and relaxing to fly with it on that I am going to leave it on! And, after the first few flights, I even felt comfortable with the "little red" transmitter.
For all flights, I hand launched straight and level at full power then, once at altitude, flew comfortably at about three quarter throttle for most of the ten minutes with an occasional move to full throttle for a loop or to gain more altitude. Several times I passed the transmitter around to several of my "experienced" friends who all praised and greatly enjoyed the Stratos.
The price is very reasonable for what is in the box and several indicated that they were going to purchase a Stratos at one of the local hobby shops on Monday morning. Heck, I may even buy another one myself, "just in case'. It's that much fun!
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