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Based on the capture from the video, I removed the metal tape which wasn't thick enough, and used bass to represent the iron banding and the V strap between the pumps.
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Then I started making the foremast.

Checking all the plans I determined that neither mast had any measurable taper and at 1:20 scale was 15/16" in diameter from deck to hounds.

The bird's mouth calculator, to make an 8 sided mast with 1/4" thick staves called for the staves to be .358" wide, or just a fuzz under 3/8".

I sliced off 1/4" strips off left over cedar from Constellation's masts and spars, then ripped them down to just under 3/8". Then it was over to the router table to cut the bird's mouth. I wish I had a way to do the with a saw - I think it would have come out more accurately, but the router's what I have.

None of the pieces is the full length of the mast, so there's a butt joint or two in each stave, but I made sure they were all staggered with plenty of overlap.

Then I glued them up and wrapped rubber bands around the spar every 3 inches or so. When that set up, I made a plug for the bottom of the mast that was about 6 inches long and stuck out about 5/8" to act as a tenon for the mast step.
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Using a block plane, I made the mast 16 sided from about 2" above the deck to the top. Then I knocked off these corners and sand it round.
I painted the 8-side lower end, which includes the bury and tenon, and I stained the round part with golden oak stain.
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Description: Stain and paint

The top needs a plug and then to get shaped square with a tenon for the cap. The whole spar is 37-3/8" end-to-end and between the cedar and this method of construction, is so light I'll need the rigging to keep it from floating away.
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