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Originally Posted by HeliFlyer711 View Post
It's been so long since I did the calibration that i dont remember specifics, I do remember it got things back on center with the radio after i did it a few times. The sticks have tolerances they move +/- in the range over, especially if your a stick slammer or the TX is old and pots are worn. My issue was on a TX that was 2 years old and the pots had worn, after i recalibrated i sold the TX and used the new v 2.3 firmware one that came with the V450. Didnt have to mess with this one.

Totally unrelated;
I have my V450 completely apart on the bench going to take some pics and maybe do a little tutorial or something because the expanded diagram does not cover 100% all the parts that have to come off. The pulley gear right after the boom aka the tail belt pulley which is basically in the center of the split frame (a PITA), in order to replace it its about a 70% teardown to get to the part, without it being a knuckle buster and chance cracking the frame.
This is the second rear pulley that went wobbly on me causing a tail wag and in doing that repair i found out on the main bearing block, the bearings have all but seized up on the main shaft. The main shaft was just spinning with no help from the bearings, and i noticed a lot more friction in the head spining up by hand recently. Maybe it was the Gov mode that finally did them in...... 18 bucks for a new set of bearing blocks and about 15 for the pulley and top bottom steering bearing blocks. Probably about 2 hrs labor to do it right

While i had the heli torn down i wanted to see what 3G mems gyros the 2702V uses, turns out they are just consumer grade Invensense IDG650 for the X & Y (Aile/Elev) and ISZ650 for the Z axis (tail). Nothing special really for as decent as it holds.

For those who like the technical stuff, here are the specs from the manufacturer on these chips;

IDG650 -
ISZ650 -

Same 3 axis mems chips used in the MCP-X and many other walkera 3G micros.

PS. Checking the power bus on the 2702V, it looks strong enough to handle high amp servos. Thos big globs of solder carry current down each side on the end + & - as the main power buss. They did a good job with the solder and the traces are thick for anyone who wants to run standard servos concerned about external power busses.

My Tx is brand new, and i am hardly a slammer. Its just made cheap and has been off center since i got it. It is 2.3 firmware.

Anyway, I fired up my 450 today after fiddling with all the digital and servo crap last night. I just wanted to do some test hovering to see how its working out. The one remaining version 1 09-9 servo is moving much slower than the 2 new version 2 09-9 servos. I have a 3rd on the way. I didn't plan on flying this till i have all 3, just doing stationary hover. Well guess what. I did 1 figure 8 and returned to a stationary hover, tail in, in front of me. I noticed a little twitch in the tail and said, "huh, that was weird" and i set it down. Well good thing i set it down then because the BRAND NEW Fusonic "upgrade" metal gear servo from wow hobbies stopped functioning properly. It's like it moves when it wants or if you help it along some. I think the circuit or the motor burned out. Since i hardly used the rudder at all and was hovering for 90% of this servo's flights and flight time, plus this is the second tail servo i've been though in 15 flights that died with the same symtoms. I'm begining to wonder if the RX is over powering them or something. I have gone over the tail MANY, MANY, MANY times looking for any binding or anything after the first servo went bad. I made sure this new one didn't come anywhere near the side hubs or bind anywhere. The tail steering and rod all move freely and very easily by hand. I suppose it's possible this cheap $20 servo just went bad, but it never even got hot after hover flights or anything. I suppose i could have damaged it when i shot my FS off the other day because i didn't wait long enough for the loc-tite to dry. But it was hovering 1 foot off the ground when it happed and the heli landed on it's skids. I'm just not having any luck with this helicopter at this point. I haven't even really crashed it yet, legitimately anyway and i've already had to replace 5 servos and the ESC. After i get this crap sorted out i better not have any more failures for awhile or i'm selling all my #%* and getting out of this hobby. Actually why sell it at this point, it would be more fun to stage a video explosion of all of them. At least someone would get some entertainment out of them then. Screw you walkera. I'm going to check the LHS i found the other day and see if they have an align DS520 like HeliFlyer711 suggested. I don't suppose you still have one for sale should I not be able to get one locally?
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